Our Vision

The Youth Guidance Network is a Charitable organization designed to help children and teens gain positive life skills, earn an income and save for college. Our mission is to provide workshops for youth that will encourage them to prepare for their future careers, break negative habits and strive to be law abiding citizens.

Student Benefits

Students participating in our program will be signed up for a Wells Fargo college Trust fund. A portion of the funds generated though their fund raising efforts will be set aside and automatically deposited into their college trust fund accounts.

Students receive spending money and/or gift cards good for: theme parks, toy stores, book stores, malls, grocery stores, trips, restaurants, and outings for completing work training assignments.

Through the financial support of our caring sponsors, students will enjoy a refreshing time of rest, relaxation, and restoration in our annual camping retreats and outings.


Students enrolled in the Youth Guidance Network will participate in 12 Life Skill Workshops Online:

  • Money Management
  • Independent Living
  • Entrepreneur Research
  • Health & Physical Fitness
  • Military Exploration
  • Sports & Scholarships
  • Education Enhancement
  • Career Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Improvement
  • Credit Awareness

Donate Today!

Whether you would like to donate to one student or to one hundred students, your donation will help students reach their college goals. Below is a dollar chart of our different donation levels. Upon clicking your link of choice you will be able to enter the amount of students you would like to donate to (From 1 to 100 students).

Donate:          $1.00
Donate:          $5.00
Donate:        $10.00
Donate:        $25.00
Donate:        $50.00
Donate:      $100.00
Donate:      $250.00
Donate:      $500.00
Donate:   $1,000.00
Donate:   $2,500.00
Donate:   $5,000.00
Donate: $10,000.00
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